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Emerging Artist Workshop

Why have an NAIA Emerging Artist Workshop

Because new artists experience everything from the thrill of success to  mistakes and failures, emerging artists programs provide information and critical components leading to success.


NAIA’s goal is to help shows create an emerging artist program by providing an Emerging Artist Workshop and other resources. These workshops will give new artists a realistic look at what it is like to do art shows and provide valuable information to help them get started and become successful.

About the Workshop

The NAIA Emerging Artist Workshops are built around an in-person and hands-on experience for the new artists.


The workshops begin with an online introduction class a few days before the show. Next is the in-person class the night before the show and a guided walk-through of the show the next morning. That is followed by at least four hours of volunteer time at the show working with artists. It is wrapped up with a final online class a few days after the show.


The workshop is designed by experienced artists and show directors and includes a wide range of topics. It covers items like applications and equipment and also talks about the business of being an artist and art show etiquette.

The Benefits

    • Minimal effort and resources for the show.

    • Additional volunteers for the show.

    • Created, produced, and taught by experienced artists.

    • Brings in new artists.

    • Increases community involvement.

    • Better-educated and more successful artists.

Our Part

In addition to the workshop, NAIA will handle workshop registration and provide support materials for marketing and fundraising. We will take care of most of the details so you can concentrate on your show.

Your Part

The largest part you will have is promoting the workshop locally and NAIA will provide materials to help. We will need help finding space for the workshop and a source for refreshments and can cover reasonable costs for these.


You will also need to help with volunteer opportunities for workshop participants in a role that allows them to work with artists. Artist check-in, artist hospitality, and booth sitting are just a few of the possibilities.

What it Costs

    • $500 plus travel for the instructor

    • $20 fee for each student


We realize every organization has access to different resources. If you or a donor or sponsor would like to make and pay for some or all of the travel expenses we can do that or NAIA can take care of all of them and bill you. Just let us know when you reply to the estimate.

Getting Started

Setting up an Emerging Artist Workshop is easy. Give us the name, date, and location of your event and we will provide you with an estimated cost and ask how you want to handle travel expenses. When you decide to proceed let us know about the travel and we will send you a letter of agreement. Return the signed letter of agreement along with a 50% deposit at least 60 days prior to your event. The remainder will be billed immediately after your event.

To get started contact Cort Anderson at

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