Publishing Deadlines



Winter IA Production Schedule: 

December 10:  Ad Contracts & Ad Payment Due

December 24:  Ad Copy & Editorial Copy Due

January 8:        Finished File Sent to Don Woo For Printing

January 22:      Printed IA Mailed to Members

January 26:      IA Distributed to Art Shows

January 26:      IA Posted on Website

Summer IA Production Schedule:

July 10:             Ad Contracts & Ad Payment Due

July 24:             Ad Copy & Editorial Copy Due

August 8:          Finished File Sent to Don Woo For Printing

August 22:        Printed IA Mailed to Members

August 26:        IA Distributed to Art Shows

August 26:        IA Posted on Website


For ad rates and sizes, please view our Advertising page



Digital  File  Preparation:    

Electronic  files  must  be in PDF, TIFF, EPS,  or PG  format only. Color ads must  be  300 dpi, CMYK only.  All files must  be flattened, with text converted to outlines,  curves, or embedded in the PDF.    

Send Digital Files To:

Stephen King at

For Technical Questions:

Contact Stephen King at:

To Place An Ad

Contact Sara Shambarger at:

Payment methods-Check or Credit Card

  1. Send check to:

Lisanne Robinson

1125 US High Way 1

Sebastian, FL 32958



  1. Click on this link to pay by credit card.


Thank you for your support for NAIA and The Independent Artist.