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So, it was with a surprising nostalgia that I found myself passing through your site tonight. Roddy Reed’s death and obituary had drawn me to it. It is a tour de force that you have created. A legacy for us all. Thanks for going to all the trouble to make it happen. Sincere good wishes to you.
Peggy Hale

Hi Sally,It was good meeting you this last weekend at Boston Mills. Great looking site and very fun. I had not heard of it before, so I do apologize if I seemed a bit apprehensive at the show about the pic of me. I really look forward to being added to your growing group of us on there.It seems every weekend we are each asked: “Do you know……….?” And we reply:”Well, if I see them with their work, I am sure that I would”. So your site looks like the solution to this problem we all have with our aging memories. Considering that the average age at Boston Mills was 53, the prospects of our memories improving doesn’t look good. (;~)}Thanks again and continue on the good work,
Gary DeLamatre

I go to your site when I miss my friends.
Deanna Henion

I viewed the site and you are right, it is so much nicer to put a name and face with the work.
Jack V. Wohlstadter

What a fun idea- I like the candid shots!
James R. Wilbat

What fun it is to have a place to see everyone! It was great going down the list and clicking on names.
Steve Shepard