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Last update: May 2013


when did the project BEGIN?

At a show in early 2000 a friend, Don Kinder, was trying to talk to me about several other artists’ work. Three times in a row he put forth a name, assuming I would recognize the person, but I couldn’t. If I had seen their face, or some of their work I would have recognized them in an instant, but connecting the right name with the right work? There are so many of us doing shows, and so many shows, and so many different ‘neighbors’ at each show for only a few days per year, that it’s no wonder we have a hard time keeping all the names, faces and work images together. This conversation with Don was very frustrating. I remember saying “Someone should have a list!” …… which meant it was something I should do. Since I had recently bought a digital camera, I began taking photos of everyone that was willing.

At first, it was just a collection of photos. But as I collected more and more of them, requests from throughout the artist community grew louder for me to publish a book. I knew this would be a futile job because it would always be incomplete and out of date so I did not pursue that idea. However, why not create a website?

This was during the beginning days of micro-business websites. Only a handful of artists had a website back then. But I was one of them. Mine was quite basic at the time, yet since I had experience creating and maintaining a site I jumped in! The first site was also very basic. As my collection grew from 50 to 100 to 300 artist photos it turned into an unmanageable mess.

My friend Michael Hamilton came to the rescue! He designed an entirely different type of site – at no cost to me. What a guy !!