How to Run a Great Art Show

“How to Run a Great Art Show” –

Written in 2014 by the NAIA, “How to Run a Great Art Show is a small “how to” book for art shows and festivals to help smaller shows, ones with an all volunteer staff or ones whose directors change every year, work to create an event that is successful for both the artists who come to participate and for the community and the organization producing the event.

“How To Run A Great Art Show” is available in two ways:

Book with MembershipJust the Book

Contributor Membership & Book Package

NAIA Contributor Memberships are open to industry-related individuals, organizations, art festivals and publications that are interested in supporting the mission, goals and activities of the NAIA.

The Book and Membership Package:

$120.00 which includes:

  • The Book      (a $35.00 value)
  • 1 Year Membership in the NAIA      (a $95.00 value)
  • 1 Hour Long Conference Call with NAIA board members
    * Talk to the experts about all the issues of your show *

"How to Run a Great Art Show"-  $35.00