Artist Resources

Information for both emerging and experienced artists:





  • Artist Advocacy:
    • The NAIA promotes a list of best practices for shows to follow that help artists succeed. Please check out our Advocacy page for information.


  • Action Line LogoActionLine:
    • Problems with a show? The NAIA offers an anonymous resource to resolve problems arising in the course of exhibiting in shows. Check out our ActionLine for more info.


  • Marketplace (information about materials, tools, suppliers, and more)
  • Professional Services  (information about digital imaging, mechanics, travel, and more)
  • The Art Show Artists’ Survival Guide
    • Tips, ideas and inspiration by NAIA artist members. The experienced festival artist as well as the novice will find a treasure trove of insight, helpful hints and inside information that are sure to make their art show experience easier and more successful.
  • The True Cost of Doing Shows
    • An NAIA publication for artists and shows to understand the expenses associated with exhibiting at festivals

Please note that the information provided here is not an endorsement by NAIA.